What’s new in human rights doctoral research

A collection of critical literature reviews
Autore / Curatore: 
Pietro de Perini
Marco Mascia

This edited book collects critical state-of-the-art analyses of a series of relevant topics for human rights research, prepared by doctoral students enrolled in the joint Ph.D. programme in “Human Rights, Society, and Multi-level Governance”. While keeping their strong attention on the prospective implications of their respective research projects in terms of practical human rights enjoyment, each of these students also brings to the broader debate the specific perspectives and contributions of different disciplinary backgrounds and approaches to human rights research: from law, international relations and development studies, to political science, international relations, sociology and pedagogy. In this book, doctoral students develop and put to the test their analytical and critical skills about human rights topics, reflect on the advantages and limits of different disciplinary approaches to answer human rights research questions. While topics are
largely different from one another in terms of general scope, unit of analysis, practical relevance and geographical area, all the work published in this book unquestionably shares a commitment to put research at the service of an improved state of health for universal human rights.

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