The “DAFNAE Research Yearbook” is published annually and it collects the abstracts of the peer-reviewed journal articles (indexed in Scopus®) published by researchers of the Department of Agronomy, Food, Natural resources, Animals and Environment (DAFNAE) of the University of Padova. The abstracts are arranged in the following categories: Agronomy and soil science, Animal science, Ecology and environmental science, Entomology, Food science and technology, Genetics and genomics, Microbiology, Plant science. The idea of publishing the “DAFNAE Research Yearbook” was initially encouraged by Prof. Maurizio Borin, Head of DAFNAE, with the aim of communicating and promoting the scientific activity carried out by the research staff of the Department. DAFNAE research is mainly focused on the production and dissemination of basic and applied knowledge to improve the quality of human life, the competitiveness of the agrifood sector, and the sustainable use of biotic and abiotic natural resources. The booklet also provides an overview of the extensive and qualified collaborations the Department has established with important national and international research centers and Universities operating in the sectors of agronomy, food, natural resources, animals and environment.

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