Global Value Chain studies: taking stock, looking ahead

Proceedings of the Doctorate ad Honorem Awarding Ceremony to Prof. Gary Gereffi and related workshop
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How to study the globalization of the economy? What are the scenarios for globalization processes in the post-pandemic era? This book takes stock of the current debate starting with the studies of Prof. Gary Gereffi (Duke University), who developed the theory of Global Value Chains and made a fundamental contribution to the understanding of the dynamics of international trade and the organization of production on a global scale. A research path that led important opportunities to visit and compare with the Italian and Veneto context in particular, through Prof. Gereffi’s numerous visiting periods between Venice and Padua. For these reasons, the University of Padua awarded Prof. Gary Gereffi an Honorary Doctorate in Economics and Management (based on the proposal of the Department of Economics and Management “Marco Fanno”) on March 13th, 2023. The volume contains the proceedings of the ceremony and the workshop organized with scholars who have collaborated with Prof. Gereffi and enriched studies on Global Value Chains through the Italian perspective. Insights from business practitioners are also included.