12th International Meeting on Mountain cheese.

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In constrained environments such as mountainous areas, the sustainability of animal production systems relies on their ability to combine economic performance and to provide a range of other ecosystems services allowing among other the maintenance of open landscapes and high biodiversity, particularly important for the attractiveness of these territories. The economic performance of the herbivore production systems is based on the added value of the high quality products they propose. Currently, the mountain cheeses production chains are facing major challenges due to increasing uncertainty on markets, regulations, policies, societal trends and environment. One of the hot topics for the mountain cheese production, often produced with raw milk, is to reach the very high safety standards required for market entry while preserving at the same time the link to terroir, at the origin of the unique diversity and richness of the mountain cheeses qualities. In this aim, an optimal management of the complex and interconnected ecosystems of the chain from field to animal, farm, milk and cheese, is required because each link greatly determines the final qualities of cheeses. The objectives of the Mountain Cheese Network are to exchange information and knowledge on these multidisciplinary issues and to foster research connections and create a dynamic between scientists and members of the cheese production chains. This publication is the outcome of the 12th International Meeting on Mountain Cheese held in Padova (Italy), 20-22 June 2017: “The terroir of mountain cheeses: a focus on microbes, animals and production systems”. It compiles the 25 oral communications and 8 posters presented in full session by 60 scientists and technicians from 8 countries who attended the meeting. All participants share the same idea that the extraordinary diversity and originality of mountain cheeses is a fantastic tool to convert the natural handicaps of mountain farming into strengths for the local development. The contributions were split into three scientific sessions with one invited conference and oral and poster communications:  1. Phenotyping of milk properties interesting for cheese-making 2. New insights on microbiota, from the environment of the farm to the cheese 3. The farming system and cheese qualities The 12th International Meeting on Mountain Cheese was organised by the “Università Degli Studi di Padova – Department of Agronomy, Food, Natural resources, Animals, Environment - DAFNAE“ with the contribution of the “Federazione Provinciale Allevatori Trento”, the “Reseau Fromages de Terroirs” (France) and “INRA” (France).

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